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The judge settles his gavel down with finality as he gives the sentence. LIFE! No parole.

You’re led away in handcuffs and savagely hand-washed p.j.’s masquerading as uniform. And you wonder, while being prodded viciously towards your cell; it had been a stupid mistake. If only you could go back in time and do things different, the die might have fallen favourably.
The courts have deemed you unforgivable.

The friends you thought would stand with you aren’t anywhere to be seen. They have their own lives to live. And besides, “You always get yourself in situations like these anyway…”, so it’s not their fault. As you rest your behind on the faeces ridden floor you realize, you are no longer part of human society.

Picture the wife-to-be you’re leaving behind, the newborn baby, the family you may never see again. They will stop visiting eventually. You’re baby girl grows older and you become distant. You’re ageing too and don’t want her to see you like that. You have little to give her now that you’re invisible to the outside world. At some point, you even grow accustomed to the surroundings, you make “friends”, and still you grow older.

You stop trying to change the minds of your parole board. Large Tea Cups Cute Tea Cups Wholesale Vintage Tea Sets Amber Bangle Bracelets You’re still considered a menace to the populace and you begin to believe them. LIFE as you know it is decked by grimy walls and similar overalls. You know the feel of the sun, but it seems so far away. The air you breathe draws with it an odour you have now come to call homely. Faded pictures have discoloured into the wall plaster. And the photo of a young wife you thought you would spend the rest of your life with looks like a child compared to the grey hair on your chin.

The “friends” you met are dying around you. Who knows how many of those you used to know are still living on the outside. Are mum and dad still alive? Is the baby who used to smile when you walk into the room now a woman? Married? Is your wife-to-be still, your wife-to-be? Pitiful questions now that your heart is starting to fail and your breathing is now laboured…

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