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How often do you think?

How often do you think about this Nation?

How often do you think about the land that graciously holds your weight each day?

How often do you think about Kenya?Kenya 1

Now you’re having thoughts.

Do your thoughts involve keeping this, our dear Nation, in Prayer?

The elections are around the corner,

Have you prayed?

Have you prayed that we elect Leaders that will lead this Nation to greater heights?

Leaders that put you, Large Tea Cups Cute Tea Cups Wholesale Vintage Tea Sets Amber Bangle Bracelets the citizen, first before their own selfish needs?

Have you prayed for free and fair elections?

Have you prayed against any bloodshed during that period?

There is something in the air and it is brewing.

Have you prayed for a time with no Poverty?

A non-corrupt, free and prosperous Kenya?

A crime free Kenya?

A Kenya where you can trust the police with your life and not one where you shudder when you see them round the corner?

A Kenya free from terror attacks?

A Kenya that knows no distinction by tribe but one that houses KENYANS?

Have you prayed for the type of Kenya you want to live in?




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“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

I’ve been trying to develop and maintain some good habits as a way of enriching myself. I read a book a while back that had a list of about 500 good habits you can implement in your life and some of them stood out  and I’ve been trying them out with fantastic results.

Let’s start with happiness habits that bring out the happy in you,even on those days when you are on the verge of giving up on everything and running away into the sunset.

  • Talk with a positive person when your feeling down or discouraged or anytime.You knowWhen We Plan, God Laughs those people who seem to be forever in a good mood and happy.The positive energy they emit will rub off on you.
  • Write down 3 good things that happened to you each day.
  • Ask for a hug from one person a day .I love hugs, they instantly make me feel happy especially when the person means it .
  • Laugh, even if you don’t want to. Large Tea Cups Cute Tea Cups Wholesale Vintage Tea Sets Amber Bangle Bracelets Laughter is the best medicine because laughing releases endorphins.
  • Move your body (walk, exercise) for 20 minutes or longer.
  • Invest 30 minutes a day doing a hobby you enjoy and find relaxing.


Habits that help you manage stress and everyday frustrations;

  • Breathe deeply for at least 2 minutes. Focus on your breaths
  • Stretch different body parts for 5- 10 minutes.
  • Listen to something calming and distracting unrelated to whatever is stressing you out.
  • Cuddle (with a lover, friend or even a pet – physical touch is comforting.)
  • Detach from the source of stress (excuse yourself from a meeting, take a break from a project, remove yourself from an argument) for a five-minute break.
  • Take a 10 min nap. Power naps are the best

images (2)


Habits to help you become more spiritually minded;

  • Devote 10 minutes a day to reading a spiritual text (Bible, spiritual book.)
  • Perform one thoughtful act of kindness for a stranger.
  • Join a group of like-minded individuals from whom you can learn and be inspired.
  • Write out how a person you encountered that day could enrich your life journey.

Habits to help you increase work productivity;

  •  Schedule out your day, setting mini goals and milestones throughout the day. Then race against your self-set goals for accomplishing tasks.
  • Take a break every hour. Stand up, stretch, use the restroom or get a drink.
  • Schedule your toughest task for your most productive time slot (whenever you typically feel your best) of the day.



The Story Of The 23, A BLUE Bus And The Open Road

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The talk of Nyeri muratina was all there was every lunch time from the time it was announced that there would be a team building. We were all giddy and to be honest, we just could not wait for D-day.

And then it finally came! We left Nairobi at around 12 something. Tuskers were already flowing before the bus left the gate (& where was the wine for the ladies…SMH)

The drive featured 3 main things, sleeping, lots of laughing and Jemmie’s red hat found its place on a few damsels heads.

IMG-20160226-WA0007       IMG-20160228-WA0000

We arrived at Nyeri Outspan in the evening around 4 p.m. and it was time to begin the day’s sessions. The venue was quite a surprise, especially this being my first time there. The place had a historical air to it, having been built in the 1920’s. The rooms were massive with English antique decor style to them. The outdoors were just as massive with greenery, perfect for a nice long walk (I wish I had taken one).

The Outspan experience was quite eye opening for me. I saw the different members of the Brand2D team in a very open environment and got to interact with different people and gained a new respect for everyone. I even learnt a new saying (at least I think this one was from that weekend), ‘The grass is greener where you water it”. So make sure you keep watering wherever you are . One last thing, no one is forgetting Frencho’s work out session anytime soon for sure, or even Happy times. It was the BOMB, Curtis, I have to say, you really missed out!

Treetops, on the other hand, was breathtakingly relaxing. Large Tea Cups Cute Tea Cups Wholesale Vintage Tea Sets Amber Bangle Bracelets If you’re looking for intimate bonding then this is the place. The Sunday morning music was one of my favorite parts of the entire trip. Soul revitalizing and enriching!

treetops kenya

This is definitely a place I want to visit again!



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