Definition of Real

By Earnest Kiarie

Storytelling is a wave that is sweeping the world. The fear of missing out is real and I am quickly trying to acquire this art before I become irrelevant.

I actively listen to how other people tell their stories so that I can learn how to tell mine. I have been taking notes, and there is one thing people tend to do that bothers me; when I ask people to introduce themselves, many start by saying their names then quickly jump into stating what their job

“Hi.. My name is Mr X and I am an accountant/banker/Doctor.”

Why do we let our work define us? Do we eat, breath and bleed ‘our work’? There is no formula to how this should be done but a good storyteller will tell you your job should be part of story but not the only story.
I believe somewhere in our introductions we should mention something about our beliefs, , Large Tea Cups Cute Tea Cups Wholesale Vintage Tea Sets Amber Bangle Bracelets our families, interests, our fears and even the things that motivate us. That way we create some human connection that otherwise would be hard to get when we define ourselves with just our jobs.

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