Chase Bank.

Chase Innovations

Merchandise that was both visually appealing and would encourage staff to submit their innovative ideas for Chase Innovations. We put together innovative merchandise that not only pushed the Chase Innovations brand but was also functional; the merchandise included but was not limited to a mini-white boards that would allow the team to jot down their ideas quickly at their desks.

Tiny Victories

We challenged people to appreciate unnoticed small day to day achievements the tiny victories in their race to achieve their dreams.The Tiny Victories campaign was initiated as part of the Chase Your Dreams big idea but with the call to action for people to celebrate their everyday achievements.

Chase Shika Mita

Chase shika mita was a deposit mobilisation campaign geared toward existing & new customers. We executed this campaign on digital through diverse and continuous engagement on different Chase Bank social media platforms building awareness and engagement. Chase Bank’s Social page grew by over 24,000 likes with over 30,000 interactions.

Chase Your Dreams

Chase your dreams complimented Steve’s challenge to climb Mount Everest & show customers how Chase Bank can help them achieve what matters most to them, we developed the #ChaseYourDreams campaign that was aspirational & geared to get the online consumers to share their dreams. We also walked them through how to achieve this as well as fund a lucky consumer's account with KES 10,000 to get them started. Chase Bank’s Social page grew by over 8,000 fans in 3 months Interactions were over 10,000 with over 1,000,000 social profiles reached.

Chase Hub

Chase Bank Kenya's internal communication network; needed an element of motivation and to encourage staff to visit the chase hub more often. We created a platform that integrated with their internal system to give staff a fun, informative experience each day they visited the hub. Our platform allowed 'Chasers' to celebrate holidays from around the world: ranging from the bizzare i.e. World Egg Day to the more patriotic i.e. Jamhuri Day through fun, interactive visually appealing art work.

Adopt a Tree

Adopt a tree is a creative idea of a creative campaign that encouraged the preservation of trees through re-imagining furniture as aged individuals i.e. Omondi Oak, Planted 14th December 1924, Cut down 21st August 2014. Execution opportunities included having transparent stickers with similar sounding names to native tree species placed on wooden furniture

Invest Mtaani

The Invest Mtaani campaign aimed to get Kenyans living in the diaspora to invest back in the country. We created a concept that was geared to create a nostalgic attachment to locally available opportunities for Kenyans in the diaspora. We promoted the opportunity Chase Bank offered them to invest back home i.e. Invest Mtaani from as low as $99. Chase Bank’s Social page grew by over 10,000 fans in 2 months and over 350,000 people reached. 4,650+ engagements.

Gift From My B

Chase Bank wanted to reward their loyal Facebook and Twitter fans, 'Chasers' on valentines day so we started the campaign gift from my B. Brand2D came up with a fun valentine's campaign branded “My B” which has a double meaning; “My Baby” and “My Bank”. We wanted to make Chase Bank, the relationship bank, “My B” for all the Chasers on their social media by giving out “My B” branded merchandise to show how much Chase Bank cared for them.


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