NIC Bank.

Struggle Is Real 2016

The campaign was primarily a brand love campaign aimed at presenting NIC bank as a bank that understands and provides solutions to the consumer’s everyday struggles. Additionally, the campaign was to push uptake of credit cards and personal loans to take care of the financial hardships in the month of January.

Invest & Save

Brand2D introduced NIC Bank's team to the world of social media to help all to invest & save for maximum returns.

NIC Diaspora

Few people were aware that the bank had a Diaspora account hence there was a need for education and NIC Diaspora was the solution. The communication ran in November 2014 creating awareness on the products features and benefits. We developed a microsite that had all the information on how one can access mortgage loans while abroad, open a personal account and much more. NIC Bank Facebook page grew by 3,694 likes while on the Twitter handle garnered 202 followers.

Struggle is Real

With constant bills that need to be paid. NIC knew that the the struggle is real; so NIC offered Credit Cards with 50 day interest free repayment period. We positioned NIC Credit Cards as an avenue that would help make bill payments easier and more convenient while allowing customers to enjoy a 50 day interest free repayment period.


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