Maximum Hydration

Maximum Hydration was a NIVEA Men campaign under Maximum Hydration Body Lotion. Objective was to communicate its hydration & moisturizing properties. Being the start of the year campaign, we took advantage of the dry season on ‘Njaanuary’ vis-a-vis the lotion’s amazing properties to nourish and moisturize. We had over 3,000 new fans to the Nivea Facebook Page, as our male audience were receptive to the Maximum Hydration product and communication.


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Nivea family Valentines

Nivea family Valentines campaign for 2015 involved diverting from the romantic idea of love and pushed the idea of a family Valentines. We run a week long photography campaign focusing on family. The #iCare Campaign was well received and reinforced NIVEA as the number one family brand.

Nivea Nourishing one for all

Brand2D was tasked with communicating that NIVEA is the skin care solution for ‘all through the Nivea Nourishing one for all campaign. We created NIVEA WhatsApp groups hinged on NIVEA’s family values. 91 groups were registered in 5 days, and we had over 3,000 WhatsApp interactions. The overall campaign had over 10,000 interactions, and attracted over 6,000 new Facebook likes.

NIvea Father's Day

To celebrate Father's Day while using NIVEA’s care platform, Brand2D run a photography mini-campaign Nivea Father's Day showcasing real life fathers & their families. This was a successful campaign which attracted great fathers like Kenya’s Maqbull Mohammed.

Nivea someone tell my mum

For 2014 Mother's Day, Nivea began a 'Nivea someone tell my mum' campaign; with the hash tag #SomeoneTellMyMum which trended in Kenya over Mother’s Day. This emotionally appealing Mother’s Day campaign for 2014 rode on #SomeoneTell… which had been trending in Kenya. For NIVEA we introduced #SomeoneTellMyMum which was picked up almost immediately as fans sent tributes to their mothers. The Hash Tag was a top trending topic in Kenya over Mother’s Day.

Nivea Be Radiant

Nivea be radiant was a reinforcing campaign, with the objective of boosting awareness, trial, usage & loyalty. We achieved this by communicating NIVEA Cocoa Butter’s rich formula that ensures radiant & glowing skin all day long. This resulted in over 5,000 new fans, and positive reception to the new product, as evidenced by shooting sales in 2014.

Nivea Man of Honour

The Nivea man of honour campaign sought to encourage honourable acts from men, even in the most stressful of situations. We embarked on #MenofHonor challenge - one stressful challenge a day, where we expected an honorable response from our audience. This was successful in that: we had 5,900+ page likes, 3,900+ total interactions & had the most engaging Male campaign of the year.


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