The Chase Spirit: Musings from a Little Corner in Westlands

A little hello from the other side. The stories that you haven't heard yet.

Have you ever heard a story told?

A story told by different people?

The same story, just different ways?

They say it is all about perspective. The lens from which you view the story. The ledge you are seated on when the story is being told. Perspective! Well, here are our stories. Raw and unedited. The stories you have not heard, well, at least not in these versions.


You see working with Chasers is like dating and so of course, you have your first pre-planned date that just goes… but then you meet somewhere more relaxed, somewhere funky with cool people and the energy is right. Our second date was at Save Our Heritage, an anti-poaching exhibition that we’d put together around poaching elephants from brands, creating some awesome advertising.

Chasers are charming, like any good romance we got in bed a few weeks later and started our first campaign #Chasepreneur. Underneath the “honeymoon phase” romance were some serious hustlers who pushed and challenged us to be the best, as Chasers could always sell the bigger vision. My advice to anyone who gets to work with a Chaser is, get ready to experience a great attitude, so hold nothing back but give them the freedom to push you and be confident enough to challenge them back.

Brand2D cannot fully express it’s gratitude to the Chase team for giving us the opportunity to do some cool $h!t, to have fun doing what we love and to be surrounded by good energy. Regardless of what happens with Chase and how the lives of Chasers evolve I hope that the Chasers spirit remains and that we may be open to be challenged by that spirit.

– Dan Nduati

Then there is this version from Sylvia Nyokabi…



Chasers are  charming, they are beautiful people, inside and out. In my experience, I have found them to be pleasant and lovable. They have real heart and share their lives with each other and with those they come across. A chaser is always on the go and their ambition challenged us to come up with the next idea and the next one.

I’m torn between self-assured and spirited, because Chasers embody both. They exude confidence and are extremely passionate about their work and about each other. They take care of their own. They are easy-going, but a fiercely competitive group of young people. Finally, chasers are resourceful, that is why I have no doubt that they will land on their feet and continue to be great.

They are always on the Chase, looking to give their best and to get the best from everyone they work with. They are open to all kinds of ideas, which is a creative agency’s dream client. “Give us all your ideas, and we’ll figure out what works”. There were no limits with Chase Bank and there are no limits with Chasers.

There is something special about a group of people that only leave you with beautiful things to say. What is even more special is when these people become the essence of your being. Ask Wanjiru Lenana, better yet, scroll down and find out.

“Chase Bank made me who I am today…

One year ago, If you asked me where I thought I would be today, I would never have guessed that my life would be this awesome…


Let me explain…
One year ago, I was 21, not yet done with college, and I had just started an internship where I was tasked with handling Chase Bank as a client.

The pressure was on… I used to Google everything. I was scared (I mean this was CHASE BANK guys). Every morning, I would sit on my new desk and think to myself “Well, this might be the day I get fired.” :(
My first week on the job, I had to go to Chase  to introduce myself to the team (also knows as Chasers). I remember how I barely talked at my first meeting with the Chasers, however, they were kind, funny, and always had a way of including me (even though I am the most shy person in the world) into the conversation.
They would always give me big projects with tight timelines (which I won’t lie didn’t really jazz me) but with the pressure, they gave much-needed encouragement “Don’t worry Lenana… I know you can make it happen and it will be amazing”…. Well 9/10 times, it was amazing and they didn’t shy away from telling me , “We love it Lenana… great job”.

The times when I did not do a good job (now the 1/10 times), they didn’t hold back their feelings about it…
Sometimes we would fight like an old married couple but the next day, we would sit at our office roof top sipping on tea and laughing.

These Chasers looked past my age and lack of experience and they; with the help of the Brand2D team, pushed me to do my best. They told me when I was wrong and clapped for me when it was all good. They helped me gain the experience to be who I am.

Chasers made me who I am today… (literally). ”

Then there is this story …


They say passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion. Barely controllable. In essence , it is an emotion that is fluid, genuine, it comes from within and if you are passionate about something, you just are. It is a beautiful thing when you encounter people that are deeply passionate about something.

People that give their heart and souls into something because they believe in it, Large Tea Cups Cute Tea Cups Wholesale Vintage Tea Sets Amber Bangle Bracelets because they are passionate about it. That is who Chasers came across to me as. They were passionate about their brand and wanted the best of the best for it. They wanted the big leagues and did everything they could to get their brand there. Whatever it took, they would do it. A few hours in the weekend spent working, extra time to do more research on how they can become better, you name it. They had a hunger and zeal to build their brand to the best that it could ever be.

“You know that a team is serious about what they are working on when a spelling error could cost you your job.”

The team at Chase was driven, committed and passionate and their vision for the brand that they worked for was being met day by day as it built up to the bigger picture.

I wish the team all the very best in their endeavors and hope that they maintain their passionate spirit that will turn everything they touch into gold.

Carpe momentum Chasers!

-Barbara Abwoga

And then there’s the story that says a lot about the work ethic of these beautiful people.

“What can we do to launch the new flagship branch- in a big way,” she had a dream you see, she wanted the world to share her appreciation for the brand. It sounds a little cheesy – but it’s true. Chasers have always been innovators and dreamers and doers, and that infectious spirit drove the team at Brand2D to deliver on that little brief so well that it ended up being nominated for ‘Best Social Media Campaign of 2014” for the SoMA awards. Long after that campaign concluded, the Chase Bank and Brand2D dream-team continued pushing the envelope on innovation and service delivery building a reputation like no other.


We guess all we’re saying is that the great attributes of this team we interacted with should not be left untold. At the end of the day, there was something that led you to be a member of this brand; this wholesome brand. Something that continues to spark in them even as they gain back their ability to walk. An unbeatable brand that will weather the storm and for one reason and one reason alone, the cogs motioning this machine, the Chasers!

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