You know how every new years people say “new year, new things”? Yes…  I’m sure you do, Infact this year I said the same exact thing. Unfortunately, news years had come and gone, February was approaching and I had no job, almost done with college and nothing to show for it, no future plans,no business,no money basically no sense of direction… So for me, no new thing had come about since new years; same old problems and situations. I was just as pathetic this year as I was last year.

I  realised that I didn’t like where my life was heading, I mean, it was not the life my mother would have wanted for me. So I decided to change things. So the first thing I decided to do with my new found drive for change, was to look for a job. It cant be that hard (oh so I thought…)

I got my sister, who is always my moral support to take me in order to  calm my nerves. We drove and parked the car next to the office. I got out of the car feeling as confident as ever. I mean, I am smart, I am on deans list, I get A’s and B’s in school. Who wouldn’t want me? Little did I know that this interview would be the worst and yet the best interview of my life.

I entered my soon to be boss’ office and greeted him.

Wanjiru: (Confidently) Hi, I am Wanjiru

Dan: (Warm and Kind) Hello, I am Dan Nduati. Please take a seat. Are you ready?

Wanjiru: Yes Sir I am

Dan: Great! Lets get started…

Let me tell you, EVERYTHING went down hill from this point…

I walked into the interview room with literally nothing. This I later learnt was my first mistake. Seems obvious right? I did have my CV but in this situation the CV didn’t mean much.

Dan looked at my CV made a few comments and put it aside.

Dan: I see you are on deans list that’s pretty cool. So tell me, more about yourself

Wanjiru: I am a journalism major and USIU, I am in my last year, and I want to work here.

Clearly this answer was not good enough for Mr Dan; he pushed for more information,

Dan: Mhhmmm, that’s great, but please tell me something that is not on your CV.

I froze, at this moment, I knew I was finished…  Dan probably saw the panic in  my eyes and moved on

Dan: Okay, What have you heard or what do you know about Brand2D?

I thought to myself, their company is called Brand2D so for sure they do Branding. I gave a very foolish answer (at that time it seemed smart)

Wanjiru: You do branding.

 Dan: (Very unamused) Wait you mean you don’t know what we do? You are applying    for a job here and didn’t even do any research?”

This was my second mistake.

Dan: What else do you do? Any hobbies?

I got super excited at this point and proudly replied

Wanjiru: I love photography and blogging.

Dan: (Full of hope) So, where are some of the pictures you have taken? or blog posts that you have written?

Wanjiru:  Oh! I don’t have any. I would give you my link but I have not updated my blogs in a long time

This was my third mistake.

 Dan (shocked): You came in here having not done any research. You had no portfolio. You don’t update your blogs, which by the way tell me you are not consistent. Your CV does not show me who you really are. Its just the normal kind of CVs. I would have liked to see more of your personality. Some color some cool designs instead of the normal. you should have created a CV that stands out, this is a branding company.

Dan gave me such a woishe look that made me realise I didn’t have the job. He simply told me, “Thank you for coming”.

I felt so bad about that interview that my sister took me for some ice-cream to help me feel better.

Somehow, Dan decided to give me a second chance and the second time round, Large Tea Cups Cute Tea Cups Wholesale Vintage Tea Sets Amber Bangle Bracelets I kicked the ball out of the park and I got hired. I updated my CV and  made it have some spank, I put together my portfolio that also had my blog posts. Most important, I did my research and was able to show them why I was a good fit.

As I re-read this blog post, I realise how silly I was. I thought I could breeze through this interview. I seriously made no effort.

Looking back, I am glad it happened the way it did. I learnt a lot. Now before any interview, or meeting, I do ALL the research I can do so I am not lost. I come with all documents that are needed. I was lucky that Dan gave a second chance. Not many people get those so its best to just do our best the first time round.

I have the coolest boss in the world and a pretty amazing job that teaches me so much and gives me the opportunity to do the things I love most. Plus now I have such an awesome CV that kicks A$$.

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  • Michael
    Aug 25 2015, 11:15 AM Reply

    Wow. That is quite an amazing story! AN enjoyable read.
    So where is the share button…. :)
    I’ll copy the link instead 😀

  • Nov 23 2015, 4:45 PM Reply

    Nice articles really loved it.Do your research well and always be prepared to deliver than the usual.

  • Dec 1 2015, 12:17 PM Reply

    HAHAA LEFT me laughing ,, well i learnt something, carry my portfolio with me :-)

  • cathy m
    Jan 13 2016, 3:21 PM Reply

    good Insight wanjiru,joining ya’ll soon :)

  • kevin
    Jan 21 2016, 4:38 PM Reply

    The fact that i tried not to use caps lock severally is mind blowing.Kudo’s team brand2d!
    i got the map,where is the treasure?

  • Sharon njeri
    Jan 26 2016, 5:04 PM Reply

    Very interesting interview. i would honestly love to be the ;wanjiru’ in that interview because for once the company cares more bout getting to know you as a person and less about book questions.

  • Izaq Boks
    Feb 2 2016, 9:24 AM Reply

    I like it. I have gotten a few pointers will defo apply! and WHEN i am invited for the interview I will represent to the fullest. Mr Nduati will have nothing to scare me with. #OkBye

    Mar 23 2016, 10:43 PM Reply

    wow intense
    Appreciate you for sharing :)

  • May 12 2016, 8:17 AM Reply

    I know you take things seriously but attachees should be guided at all cost.

  • mwangi
    May 14 2016, 12:12 PM Reply

    INteresting…back to the drawing board then ..thanks shiru for the headsup.

  • Tykay
    Jul 27 2016, 9:27 AM Reply


    Jul 27 2016, 9:32 AM Reply

    And here i was…sure that my ordinary C.V., A’s and B’s would get me a job in this kick**s company. Thank You Wanjiru

  • Gabriel Opiyo
    Sep 16 2016, 1:27 AM Reply

    Always, do your research BEFORE you go for any interview, Information is key,AND I HAVE PICKED SOME TIPS, I HOPE WHEN INVITED FOR AN INTERVIEW, I WILL IMPRESS DAN.

  • Nov 13 2016, 1:59 PM Reply


  • Nancy
    Nov 24 2016, 4:53 PM Reply

    so interesting and Informative

  • Beatrice WAIRIMU
    Feb 10 2017, 10:38 AM Reply


  • Jul 25 2017, 10:40 AM Reply

    I really like the article it is outstanding i wish you could share it in the Facebook.

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