The Tribe’s Exchange

By Claire Kinyanjui

Leading family meeting always starts with Githaka texting our Whatsapp group, “Kindly note that XYZ is leading the meeting on Monday. Have a nice weekend”

The Monday of 11th September  was my turn. It hit me on Sunday night that it was indeed my turn. I remember reading that it was someone’s turn, just did not hit me that it was me. In my mind it was Michelle.

Wait.…Let me take you back bit. I am a Community Manager at Brand2d. I have worked at this agency for almost a year. I can only describe it in three words: Best. Experience. Ever. So on Sunday night at around 10pm, I racked my brain thinking about what I would share with the team. 

For a very long time, penning my thoughts has always been a stress releasing mechanism for me. Whenever I felt that situations were too much for me to handle, paper and pen were my closest allies. That was it! I would ask the team to write something down. Step one down.

How would I go about this? Step two… I have participated and watched  competitions around here and let me tell you, they are quite something. They always get me so jazzed, pumped up and looking forward to Family meetings. However, I decided were not going to do anything competitive.  Step two sorted.

Step three…… Departments, departments, departments. We had also never done anything departmental. Woohooo!!!! Done and dusted. The last step was already decided; I would separate the team into the different departments and ask them to write letters to each other. 

It all worked out on Monday and these were the teams:

  • Social Media & Client Service
  • Creatives
  • Web & Media Buying
  • Operations & Innovation

The challenge to the teams was to write letters to each other; Social Media & Client Service wrote to Creatives (these two teams work together day in, day out.) while Operations Team wrote to the Web & Media Buying Team. In addition to that, I asked the teams to say one thing about every member of the team they were writing to.

The teams exceeded my expectations by far. It was fun, interactive, they loved it and the most important thing is that they learned from it. What more could I ask for. Also, these guys are super creative.

The operations team sang the sweetest remake of Charlie Puth’s – See You Again. (video)

The Web & Media buying team did not mince their words when it came to descriptive words. Linah, our little miss fun size as we love to call her, was described as the punniest.

The Creative team drew up the social media team and turned it into a Facebook post. How relevant. :)

The Social Media team went in a rather interesting direction and picked out each creative as a superhero. My favorite one, I have to admit was Marcus as the Hulk. He’s quiet and collected but once the creative juices start flowing he’s a beast. That was so accurate, I could not help but smile.

Last but not least, I read out my letter to the team. In not so many words, I said thank you to the family that I have been blessed with the last few months. Words go a long way in making an impact. A person carries them heavily in their mind and heart. Sometimes it takes just two words to uplift someone and that impact stays with them forever. Wherever you are & whatever you do, impact positive words.  And play. Never forget to play :-)

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